Alto Shaam CTX4 -10E Touch Gufu- og reykofn

Vörunúmer: P-CTX4-10E

  1.295.800 kr
  971.850 kr
  Tilboðsvörur- lækkað verð

Seamlessly-integrated smoker with optional CombiSmoke®. Hot or cold smoke with real wood chips. No odor or flavor residue. No impact on oven capacity, door seal or oven performance. 

The smallest Alto-Shaam combi oven ever, the CT Express™ Combitherm® Oven is engineered to embody our commitment to food service innovation. We designed it to fit your space, your budget and your cooking production needs with unique, innovative features inside and out. The CT Express is ideal for any operation seeking to enhance food quality while maximizing kitchen space and reducing labor costs.